Aug 7, 2010

Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Atomic bomb.

I read that An English man wrote "Hiroshima anniversary celebrations" in his blog.
He said, "I am happy to join the celebrations across the globe to mark the 65th anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb."
Atomic bomb.
And he wrote, "Since the rape of Nanking the world had watched in horror as the Nips used living women and children for bayonet practice, spawned bombs carrying the world's most deadly diseases against their fellow man and butchered and slaughtered and enslaved their cruel way across Asia."
I am very sad when I read his article.

We Japanese are educated that we have to respect for old people.
I respect and believe my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and so on.
One of my grandfather(my mother's father) was a genuine Taiwanese.
I mean, he was a aborigine of Taiwan, not a Chinese.

We Japanese fought against Chinese and Koreans again and again in history.
In history, China is a very big and powerful country in Asia.
Chinese tried to conquer Japan several times in history. I know Japanese also tried to conquer China.
I heard English fought against French again and again in history.
Which are right?  Which are wrong?
I am 47 years old.
I am not a child.
I know a reality of life.
Winner is always right.
Loser is always wrong.

On August 15th, this is our end day of WWⅡ, every year, every Japanese pray for victims of the war.
I say again, winner is always right, loser is always wrong.
So, I just am very sad.

The man who is smoking is my grandfather.
He holds my youngest brother.
Next to grandfather is my grandmother.
Next to grandmother is my mother.
The boy who wears red shirt is me.
The boy who wears black shirt is my younger brother.
40 years ago..........
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