Jun 8, 2010

Going to Melaka(In English, Malacca)

In the airport, I wondered,
Where I would go.
I want to see sunset in the sea,
so I should go west coast.
I wondered I would go Melaka or Kuching.
First, I went to Air Asia ticket counter to buy a ticket to Kuching. But the counter had not opened yet.
So, I decided to go to Melaka.
I got in the bus to center of Kuala Lumpur from this airport.
This is the bus terminal.
The woman in the bench sold the ticket.
(Sorry to see difficult.)
  It cost 9 RM. About 3 US dollars.
The bus started to center of the city(Kuala Lumpur) from the airport.

Have a nice day!

Don't worry!
Take it easy!
It's OK!
Who knows what fantastic things are in store just around the corner?
Just listen to your good heart!
The great something is always with you.
I am sure.
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