May 21, 2010

Kaohsuing 16 Buying Malaysian Ringgit.

  I was riding back seat of the hotel manager's motorbike.
  This is his helmet!
 I was looking for the bank that sell me Malaysian money. 

  I wanted to buy Malaysian money(RM), but almost bank didn't have Malaysian money.
At last, one of the branch of Bank of Taiwan (In Chinese, 臺灣銀行) sold me Malaysian money.
I think this is the biggest branch of Bank of Taiwan in Kaohsiung city.( Kaohsiung is the No.2 city in Taiwan. No.1 is Taipei.)
I wanted small bill, so I bought some 100RM(Malaysian Ringgit. 100RM bill is the most expensive bill. ) bills and all small Malaysian bill on that branch.
I mean, I bought all small Malaysian bill that the branch had.
Yes, I am a rich man!

Actuarly, The branch had only one 50RM bill and two 10RM bills!

Have a nice day!

Don't worry!
Take it easy!
It's OK!
Who knows what fantastic things are in store just around the corner?
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