Apr 28, 2010

Arriving Kaohsiung.

 Finally, I arrived Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
This is Kaohsiung city.

Umm, Time in pictures are one hours faster because this was Japanese time.

 I could catch  MRT train to the city from Kaohsiung International Airport.
Almost last train.
So, only me!

At last, I reached my hotel.
I stayed this room 5days until departing to Malaysia.

I think this is nice and clean hotel.
Not so expensive.
This hotel name is Riverside hotel.
This is the web address.

This was the outside from window.
Ops,  too dark.

And this was tonight's dinner!
See you!

Have a nice day!

Don't worry!
Take it easy!
It's OK!
Who knows what fantastic things are in store just around the corner?
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